Tuesday, October 28, 2008
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Many folk have been asking me about all the Amendments and Referendums on the Colorado ballot.  Amendments are put on the ballot by citizen initiative, while Referendums are put on the ballot by the State Legislature.  Kevin Lundberg the state representative from House District 49 has his suggestions for voting on the state wide Amendments here.

Boulder County has two ballot issues 1A and 1B.  1A would cost the County taxpayers nearly $100,000,000.00 in order to pay for solar and other renewable energy projects.  I will be voting NO on 1A.  1B will extend a sales tax surcharge to 2018 that would otherwise expire.  This is being billed as causing "no increase in any County tax" which is dishonest as it will extend the time of the tax if not the dollar amount.  I will be voting NO on 1B.  Boulder County is very corrupt and has been in one party hands for years.  I don't want to give this bunch more money to play with.

Wall Builders has the best short voter guide for the Presidential race.

Colorado Right to Life sent questionaires to the candidates for state office.  The responses are here.

Colorado Family Institute has a voter guide that covers all the Federal and State races in Colorado.

Family Research Council Action has their Presidential Voters Guide here.

Family Research Council Action and Focus on the Family Action have published their guide to how all the members of the US House and US Senate voted this last year.

BJ Nikkel has some interesting suggestions on how to vote for the judges here.

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